Most Choose The Husky Air Compressor For Its Reliability

When you are searching for an air compressor you may find it difficult to choose because of the many brands that are available in on the market. A trusted name in the air compressor market is the Husky Air Compressor.

Husky Air Compressor - Model #H1504ST

Husky Air Compressor - Model #H1504ST

This brand is manufactured by the Hausfeld Group which has made a strong name based on the quality products they create. The air compressors that they make are mainly used in workshops or on job sites. One of the major features of an air compressor is all the attachments you can buy for it. For example, you can attach inflators, power sanders, spray guns, nail guns, hammers, wrenches and more.

Types of Husky Air Compressor

There are currently two types: the horizontal model and the vertical model.

The horizontal model is much smaller compared to the vertical models; however, they are capable of doing much more work than their counterpart. The vertical model is used in a stationary position while the horizontal model can be moved from place to place even though they are bigger. The models are differentiated by the amount of power they give out. The vertical model is capable of providing more air per minute than the horizontal model.

These are just a few of the factors that you need to take into consideration when you are in the market looking to purchase a Husky Air Compressor. The 80 gallon model is capable of giving 72..2/25.5 SCFM this is the amount of power it can produce per standard cubic foot per minute. The eighty gallon model in the horizontal version will only give 0/2.6 SCFM. Keep in mind however, that more power is not always what is necessary to get the job done. This is why lower powered units are very viable.

There are many Husky Air Compressor units that are available. Some of which are as follows the FP2020, FP2045, FP2021, FP2205, FP2019, and the FP2047. You can find models ranging from the pancake air compressor to the oil-less tank mounted model. You can even find models that are oil-less, handheld and portable.

One of the most popular models on the market is the Husky H1506FWH this a portable air compressor and is extremely affordable. They cost approximately $182.50. Most people who buy this air compressor fall in love with its affordability, power and mobility.